Aquaponics Giving

Providing purpose for our residents is an important goal of the HWH community. One way we are planning to accomplish that is through a farming technique called aquaponics. We believe to be healthy it is essential you find and live out your purpose. We hope to engage the residents in helping us in our farming endeavor to give them purpose and to help sustain the home. In order to start our aquaponics farming we are going to need some essential items. There are numerous other items not listed needed to operate the system but below are several items to give you an idea of the start up cost of the farm.

See below if you have an interest in providing those items:

  • Green house: $14,000.
  • Aquaponics Kit Small: $4000: produces each year about 100 lbs of fish and 1000 heads of lettuce
  • Aquaponics Kit Medium: $13,000: produces each year about 450 lbs of fish and 4000 heads of lettuce.
  • Aquaponics Kit Large: $19,000: produces each year about 860 lbs of fish and 10,000 heads of lettuce
  • Single 55 gallon drum: $50.
  • Single Pump: $50.
  • PVC plastic pipe: 10 foot section/$10.
  • Plants: lettuce seeds:1000 seeds/$7.
  • Fingerling size fish (1/2 to 1 1/2 inches): 25/$125, 50/$170, 75/$225 ,100/$265, 500/$910.