Becoming a Mental Health Warrior


There are three types of Mental Health Warriors.  The first type is the individual who has a mental illness.  Many of these individuals who struggle with mental illness are treated differently, feel alone and isolated. Many struggle with suicidal thoughts and depression. Some even lose their life.  The next group are caregivers of people with mental illness.  They battle every day to be there for their loved one who struggles to thrive even though they have a mental illness.  They have very little resources, feel alone, isolated, and hopeless. They are worn out, some even quit under these heavy burdens.  The last type of warrior are individuals who just cannot stand by and see how horrible our mental health system is working and do nothing. They get involved in advocacy but many times feel restricted trying to help.  They spend years trying to get a door to open for more money and benefits only to find it slams shut although promises were made to help.  Some get so discourage and heartbroken they end up leaving the fight. 

Every day is a very real battle for all 3 types of individuals that we call mental health warriors.  These warriors who struggle with mental illness need a safe home in a supportive community so they can shift their focus from the battle to their unique gifts and talents.  A place where they can have a guide to help them learn how to thrive and not just survive. Those who are caregivers need a safe community where they can understand they are not alone.  They need a place to vent all their frustrations, hurt, grief and guilt and just be themselves.  A place where they can feel loved enough and safe enough to share their burdens.  A place where there is help to carry each other’s load.  Advocates need a refuge from all the discouragement.  A place to rejuvenate with fresh ideas and passion.  A place where strength in numbers gives them the courage and enthusiasm to keep trying.

His Will Homes offers all 3 types of mental health warriors the opportunity to join such a place that addresses their deepest needs.  A place where the movement to end mental illness stigma prospers in a community that CAREs. The battle rages on, join the movement!   

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