Looking for Properties

We have been searching for a building to rehab for almost 4 years.  We have good news!  We are currently looking at two homes, one in Greene County and one in Brown County.  Both homes meet HWH's tenets for a suitable property and we are excited for both possibilities.  We have started initial due diligence on both locations and are attempting to acquire zoning for each building.  We have a long way to go but are praying at least one facility works out.  It has been a long four years but God willing, we are moving forward.  

There are people throughout many communities who are hurting and need our help.  We want to operate in a community that has the wisdom to know that those who struggle with mental wellness are already in their neighborhood,  The problems these individuals are causing in their community will not go away if they don't house and care for them properly,  and both the hurting individuals and the problems they cause will only get worse if the community tries to ignores these issues.  We want to become part of the community we serve, and we want the community to see HWH as their mission and non-profit.


His Will Homes, with the support of the community using HWH principles, will actually make their neighborhood safer and allow the community to save money. This will also solve many of the problems for the individuals and their communities facing a mental health crisis.



His Will Homes is looking for properties in a four-county area; Brown, Greene, Montgomery and Warren.  The type of properties we believe that would work for our home would be older hotels, schools, nursing homes, farms, and any facility that could house approximately 60 individuals.  The last facility we bid on was a 60-bed nursing home with 3.5 acres included.  It was approximately 44,000 square ft.  If anyone has any information on a building or complex, they think may work for us or if you know someone who may want to donate a piece of property, please let us now.  You can email us at info@hiswillhomes.org. 


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