Make a Difference
We have many opportunities for you to use your God-given gifts to help.

Make a Difference

Time, Talent, Treasure, Your World

Time: HWH understands your time is a commodity you never get back. When you volunteer you are giving us a precious gift and just like the money you donate we work hard to ensure we never waste your sacrifice. Without quality volunteers we cannot operate. Labor is our biggest cost. To house people well it takes about $65.00/day per person. Most residents only receive approximately $25-35.00/day. So every dollar we save through volunteers and donations of any kind is critical to our survival and success.   

Talent: HWH loves to place people in their sweet spot when serving. In other words we believe God built you for a purpose.  And that purpose when used to serve others energizes you versus drains you. We love to bring people to their purpose. HWH has openings in many areas that will allow you to belong to something bigger than yourself and to serve in an area that is your passion, giving you joy and peace.

Treasure: In order to flourish and help people, every non-profit needs donations to sustain operations. We are no different. If offering a donation is how you would like to help we greatly appreciate it. A gift of any amount makes a difference - as little as $5 will feed one individual for an entire day.  Every dollar is significant to our residents and us. Another way your treasure can have a huge impact is by allowing our partner Zoom Energy, to provide your gas or electric. It's a very easy process and the pricing is very competitive. If you use HWH's partner,  we get a percentage of what you pay each month you stay with Zoom Energy. You have to pay someone to provide your gas and electric, why not use Zoom Energy and also help us with little to nothing coming out of your pocket -  you may actually save money!

Your world: When you help us spread the word about HWH and "Our WHY" you can bring us more than we or you could ever do by ourselves. Your sharing our story with everyone you know may lead us to someone your friend or family knows. That connection may helps us with a farm or donation that changes the lives of hundreds of suffering people.  So never underestimate sharing who we are to everyone you meet.


There are two ways to make a difference by volunteering.

You can volunteer for the HWH organization or help in the building where we serve the residents. If you are interested in serving in our HWH Community so you can benefit from a blessed life, please fill out our contact form, and someone will get in contact with you. If you would rather call us to let us know your interest, our number is 513-409-1833.

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For the Organization:

As a volunteer for the organization you can choose to be a member at large or apply for one of our open board member positions.  You can also apply for one of our team leadership positions.

Open Leadership Positions:

Board Members:

    • Wingman (Vice President of His Will Homes)
    • Leadership Assistant (Secretary of Organization)

Team Leaders:

    • Resource Manager: Finance Manager
    • Financial Provision: Fundraiser
    • Medical Team: Medical Director
    • Operations Director: Oversees Building Director and all building operations
    • Volunteer Care and Development: Manages, recruits, and takes care of all volunteers.
    • Community Awareness: Manages all social media, news, events, political advocates when needed, including local, state, and federal.

Members at Large:

Staff Members: We are in need of staff members for all 9 teams. If you have any experience, talent, skills, or desire to help any of our teams please let us know. Our teams are below:

Resource team: Oversees, coordinates, and updates Quickbooks. Helps in all finance decisions to include the organization’s and building’s. Is a check and balance with Building and Resource Manager.

Financial Provision team: Directs, develops, plans, and runs all fundraiser events and completes after action reports.

Facilities team: Manages buildings (maintenance, design work, repair etc)

Medical team: Oversees, directs, trains, advises, on all medical related needs to include intake, care, dietary etc in the buildings.

Operations team: Oversees, directs, and assist as needed the Director/Manager in the building for all operational needs.

Community Awareness team: Develops, plans, coordinates, and controls all aspects of our outreach to the community and surrounding area.

Prayer team: Directs, discerns, and covers all aspects of our organization.

Volunteer Care and Development team: Responsible for all aspects of our volunteers, to include, recruiting, organizing, training and rewarding them.

Human Resource team: Directs, develops, implements programs, hires, fires, and retains all  employees and members of the board.


For the Building:

His Will Homes is in need of almost every skill or talent with which you may have been blessed. We are in need of your skills and talents right now. It is not too early. Even though we are still in the process of acquiring the new building, we can use volunteer participation on each of the teams listed above.  You can help us get the facility prepared and put programs in place to be ready for our grand opening.  


We know that once we are in the building we will need volunteer care givers, nurses at all levels to include RNs, LPNs, CPAs, etc., We need doctors in any area of expertise, licensed social workers, office staff with skills in Quickbooks, Medicare billing, Medicaid, billing, VA,  as well as secretarial skills at any level. Additionally, we will need building maintenance and ground care specialists.


If any of these areas interest you,  please contact us using the button below or call HWH at 513-409-1883.


Click Here for Volunteer Contact Form