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We decided in this section to highlight YOU. Why YOU? We believe you came to this site not by chance but by a holy collision, a seemingly chance meeting orchestrated by God. If you have gotten this far into the site, YOU should be pictured in our next volunteer spotlight.  You obviously have a passion for serving others. Throughout our website we stress serving as the key to unlock an amazingly, blessed life. That life is YOURS when you join us. We also believe YOU have a sense of wanting to belong to something, to be a part of something bigger than YOU.  You want to leave a legacy, to make a difference, to give back in a meaningful way.  YOU want to be able to serve where YOU feel comfortable, where YOUR talents and skills are matched to what YOU love to do and where YOU are appreciated and loved for what YOU sacrifice.  So if all that sounds like YOU and YOU believe His Will Homes can become YOUR community and non-profit......well then WELCOME ABOARD, join us now by clicking here.