John Hitchens

Hello, my name is John Hitchens. I am the Board President and founder of His Will Homes. I would like to welcome you to our website. If you have endeavored to get this far into our site you obviously have an interest in “Our Why”.  The main purpose of our website is to help you to determine if serving along side of us is your passion. We believe God orchestrated your arrival to this website and now to this letter. We understand you can spend your time, talents, and treasure in many places.  But if you landed on this page there is a very high probability the His Will Homes Community is where you will find a “Place To Call Home”, a place that will fit like a glove.  It seems to work that way when God puts it together.

One of my favorite Bible characters is King David.  He started out as a shepherd warrior, but when he ran to God for help it always turned out good for him. As it turns out, his earlier skills as a shepherd fit perfectly with his role as king.  Even though David killed Goliath and became a hero he didn't become king right away.  After several episodes of the current king Saul nearly killing him, David ran for his life and hiding in a cave. The Bible says when his brothers and others associated with his family heard where he was, they came down and joined him. All those who were suffering hardship, in debt, and discontented gathered around David, and he became their commander.  Their community quickly grew to four hundred, and before long David had a huge army. There is an entire chapter in the Bible that talks about David’s 30 Mighty Men and their exploits. They were able to do extraordinary feats, miraculously able to take back territory that was lost, and claim enemy strongholds never held before. Remember though when the people first came to David there was no discussion of them being mighty warriors. In fact, they sounded like they were thrown out of everywhere because they weren’t able to do their jobs or didn’t care to do their jobs. But, if you read the Bible regularly you will notice there is always a "but when God shows up". But God ... made them into mighty warriors once they came to David. God chose to use people whom others felt had no value and that no one wanted, brought them to David, and made them into a great fighting force that never lost. More recently God used 12 fisherman to reach the entire world who had already been rejected by the elites of their day. So never forget God can take YOU and me and use us to do mighty deeds we never dreamed we could accomplish. 

The battles we face today look different but are just as crucial and still need unlikely warriors called by God. Families and neighborhoods have been devastated by the way we approach and attack the mental health system currently in crisis. Individuals are being placed in jail and  receiving no help for their illness all the while losing their families and much of their lives. Families are being destroyed by the cost and burden of caring for their loves ones at home unwilling to place them in group homes to live under detestable conditions.  Communities are being drained of valuable resources and many times not safe because we refuse to house and care properly for these hurting neighbors. It is truly a present day war zone. We have lost many lives and much territory and we are losing more each day. HWH wants to reverse this crippling trend. When I was young I was told you can do anything you want in life; just work hard, never give up, and you will be successful. Basically they were saying where there is a will there is a way. But I have since learned the real TRUTH. Where there is HIS WILL there is a Way. We at HWH believe God’s will is to help the "least of these" as described in Matthew 25 because there is no one more shunned or needing more help than people who struggle with mental wellness. We have chosen to take our stand with them. We are looking for our thirty mighty warriors; passionate, driven, self starting, relentless, smart, fearless people ( BUT we are especially looking for those who believe they can’t be any of these BECAUSE God seems to like them best). The Goliath of today is taunting us ... BUT our God of the Angel Armies of Heaven is ready to fight our battles and show the world there is a God in heaven and He does care for those who are struggling.  So Come Join Us now in the adventure, you won’t be disappointed. It will be an amazing ride! It always is for those who serve our God!