Our New Home and Online Community Platform

We are building an online community platform to help those who struggle with mental health. We are also running a capital campaign to buy and rehab a 20-bed facility currently in a four-county area; Brown, Greene, Montgomery, and Warren, Ohio...
Note: over $400,000 has already been donated off line.

Our current pressing need is to finish our online platform. To finish the development we now only need 285,000 of the aproximately 2.4 million dollar project. However, we also are running a capital campaign to find, purchase, and rehab a 20-bed facility currently in a four-county area; Brown, Greene, Montgomery, and Warren, Ohio. The homes will have 16 permanent beds and 4 beds for respite care. Our goal is to offer individual bed and bath for each resident.  We believe this helps provide dignity and worth to our residents. 

In order to truly help individuals who struggle with mental illness we need to meet their basic needs.   A safe home, food and supportive medical care are the main struggles for many of these individuals and that is the exact needs we want to target first. 

There are four major areas of focus that make us different and help move each resident toward mental wellness: 

  1. We strive to ensure each resident has a private room, if desired.
  2. We encourage residents to discover and fulfill their purpose in life and provide a safe space to do so.
  3. We provide residents with connections to individualized supportive care and in-house programs.
  4. We provide a online community to join for support, reources, comprehnsive training and much more. 


Building Size

Cost to buy

Cost to rehab

Cost to Furnish

Total Cost

15-30000 sq ft


$3.5- 4.5 million

$1 - 1.5 million

$5 - 6.8 million

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As you can see from the chart above the total dollars needed (5-6.8 million dollars), this is a very large undertaking and we can’t do it without your help.  Please remember, however large the task, it can all start with you.  Every dollar really does make a difference.


Acquiring buildings is never a sure thing, therefore HWH is always looking for properties that meet our Care philosophy.  We want to work in a community that has the wisdom to know the individuals who struggle with mental wellness are already in their neighborhood, the problems these individuals are causing in their neighborhood will not go away if they don't house them correctly, and that these hurting individuals and the problems they cause will only get worse if the community ignores the issues.  Housing these individuals using the HWH principles will actually make neighborhoods safer, save the community money and solve many of the problems for the hurting individuals and their communities.


Please help us find a home. The type of properties we believe could be rehabbed for our home would be older hotels, schools, nursing homes, farms, and any facility that could house approximately 20 individuals.  Our first and foremost goal is to find a building so if anyone has any information on a building or complex, they think may work or know someone who may want to donate a piece of propertyto us please let us know at [email protected] or 513-278-7818.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, your donation is tax deductible. His Will Homes is a 501c3 non-profit organization and all donations to us our tax deductible.


How much of my donation will go directly towards helping the residents?

His Will Homes understand every penny you give to us is a sacrifice for you.  We treat every donation as a precious gift. His Will Homes board and staff do not get paid. Over 90 percent of what you donate goes to directly to helping the residents live a full life. 

Impact Levels

Approximately $100 will rehab one square foot of the facility. Another perspective is you could feed a resident for 20 days.
Approximately $1000 will rehab 10 square foot. Helps to rehab one resident’s room.

Other Giving Opportunities

There are many ways you can make a difference for people who struggle with mental wellness. If giving money to build the home is something you prefer not to do or you would like to do even more below are several other areas to pick from where you can have an impact. Please consider choosing one.

Our goal is to rehab a facility with approximately 24 rooms. Each room costs $10,000 or $660,000 for renovating the rooms. One of His Will Homes’ goals is to give...
Providing purpose for our residents is an important goal of the HWH community. One way we are planning to accomplish that is through a farming technique called aquaponics. We believe...
His Will Homes is a 501-c3 non-profit organization. This means we can accept food from other non-profits and food banks which significantly reduces our food cost. However, it doesn’t cover...

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