Our New Online Community Platform: Rx 4 Wholeness

Rx 4 Wholeness is a beacon of support for individuals grappling with mental and emotional well-being, and their devoted caregivers. Your contributions ensure the platform remains free to join.

Our immediate priority lies in upholding the platform's free accessibility and fostering its ongoing evolution. Our current requirement amounts to approximately $300,000 out of the total projected cost of around $2.4 million. Every contribution, regardless of size, holds significant value in propelling our mission forward. While the figures may appear substantial, the collective impact of even modest donations can enable us to provide an exceptional resource to millions. As you consider your contribution, we kindly request that you keep our mission and organization in your prayers – a gift of immense worth that we wholeheartedly welcome and deeply cherish. Your support would be both humbling and an honor to receive.

With Rx 4 Wholeness's expansion, its diverse revenue streams will ultimately facilitate the construction, rehabilitation, and sustainability of homes for individuals in need of a nurturing space to heal and thrive.  






Frequently Asked Questions

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, your donation is tax deductible. His Will Homes is a 501c3 non-profit organization and all donations to us our tax deductible.


How much of my donation will go directly towards helping maintain the platform?

His Will Homes understands every penny you give to us is a sacrifice for you. We treat every donation as a precious gift. His Will Homes board and staff do not get paid. Over 90 percent of what you donate goes directly to keeping the platform free. 

Impact Levels

Would fund one person a year's worth of access to Rx 4 Wholeness.
Would fund ten individuals a years’ worth of access to Rx 4 Wholeness.
Will Run Rx 4 Wholeness for an entire month.

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