Our New Home Project

We are running a capital campaign to rehab a 50-bed facility in Montgomery, Greene, or Warren County Ohio. His Will Homes is trying to capture the facility as a gift in kind from a benevolent donor. Our plans are to rehab and update the building to bring it up to HWH standards, which includes many items, among them renovating the rooms for single occupancy with personal areas where residents can keep their valuables safe and have adequate privacy.  We are hoping to find a facility with green space available,  allowing us to start our farming techniques close to our facility.  A close proximity gives our residents quick and easy access and allows them ample time to explore their talents and skills each day. The facility will be anywhere from aproximately 20000 to 45000 square feet. We estimate it will cost approximately 2 to 3.5 million dollars to complete the rehab. 


Acquiring buildings is never a sure thing, therefore HWH is always looking for properties that meet our "four how's". We always want to work in a community that has the wisdom to know, the indivuals who struggle with mental wellness are already in their neighborhood, the problems these individuals are causing in their neighborhood will not go away if they don't house them correctly, and that these hurting individuals and the problems they cause will only get worse if the community ignores these issues.  Housing these individuals using the HWH principles will actually make their neighborhood safer, save the community money and solve many of the problems for the individuals and their communties facing this mental health crisis.


The type of properties we believe could be rehabbed for our home would be older hotels, schools, nursing homes, farms, and any facilty that could house aproximately 50 individuals.  Our first and foremost goal is to find a building so if anyone has any information on a building or complex they think may work or know someone who may want to donate a piece of property please let us know at info@hiswillhomes.org or 513-409-1898.